Why Is Dating So Hard – And What You Should Do to Make It an Easier Task!

If you have just found your perfect match or you are in a very serious and fulfilling relationship and the person that you are to become uninterested in you it may be because you are asking yourself “Why is dating so hard?”. Many of us find ourselves in this situation on a regular basis. The reason is that many of us jump into a relationship too fast without giving ourselves time to get to know someone. This can make things quite complicated as we do not realize that the more, we spend time with someone the more we begin to like them, therefore the more we want to spend time with them.

We all have a circle of friends and family that we spend time with from childhood on. Some of us have dated them before and become friendly with them. We may even consider them to be family or something similar. However, we all know that the only reason why someone chooses one person over another is because they feel a deep connection. They begin to feel comfortable with that person, laugh with them and even find time to spend with them.

This type of connection and comfort with someone is what can make dating so hard. When a person who you are really attracted to begin to show that they are difficult to date with, you can begin to wonder why is dating so hard. If they are having a hard time finding someone suitable, they are probably not showing the same type of interest in you that they would have shown in a relationship with you. Their usual lack of interest means that they have realized that you are much more of a friend to them than a romantic companion.

Another reason why is dating so hard is that if we become infatuated with someone too quickly, we can end up with a problem. We all go through different emotional stages throughout our lives. Therefore, when we are faced with someone whose company, we really enjoy then we can become overwhelmed by the suddenness of their change in moods and actions. Unfortunately, if we continue to pursue this person after they have rejected us then it can lead to depression or even jealousy.

On the other hand, if we do not pursue someone but they turn out to be a great friend and they accept us for who we are then the process of getting to know each other becomes easier. It can even seem like the two of us are becoming best friends. However, once we begin dating this way, we are likely to feel attached and we can sometimes think that the relationship is progressing too quickly. This will cause us to question whether our decision to date this person was the right one.

After all, why is dating so hard? It is easy to become disinterested and it is possible that the relationship could fall apart. However, if we keep looking for the magic answer and if we do not discuss these issues with our partner, then we may never discover why is dating so hard and instead we may remain trapped in the same situation. We must communicate and we must take care to ensure that we are helping our relationships grow.

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