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The Best Relationship Advice for Men

With the differences in the bodies comes a difference in the spirits as well. Not everyone can handle a situation in the same way, and that is why a man and a woman have different methods of approaching a hard phase in their relationship. The ones who share true love will know that it is these differences that make a relationship survive the massive turbulences. It can be confusing at times, but the people need to find their way into getting things done in their life.

When men are asked about their way of dealing with such relationships, they most often come up with answers that may be fuzzy and not practical. Surveys have found out that not everyone knows effective ways to deal with the frictions in a relationship. Every man needs to understand how a woman perceives the situation so that they don’t find it hard to salvage their bond. Several experts have devised effective ways to keep a relationship stable at all times. Here is some of the best relationship advice every man should follow.

1.     Discrediting Her Feelings Is Not Right

Many men tend to behave in a certain way that invalidates their partner’s feelings, and this would only rub more salt into the wound. Whenever you consider a fight or an argument to be silly or for trivial reasons, your partner would be under the impression that you gloss over her emotions. It is important that you validate your partner’s emotions so that no fight continues for a long time. Try and apologize to them for being insensitive; admitting guilt alone isn’t going to solve the issue. Being the source of your partner’s gloominess isn’t the sign of a good relationship. So, you need to be careful with what you say to her.

2.     Standup for Your Partner

Being a man is surely a hard task since it comes with certain expectations from society. But you need not acquiesce to any of those dogmas; instead, you only need to make your lover happy. With love comes responsibility and feelings that cannot be overlooked. You must stand up for your partner if anyone becomes rude to her or misbehaves with her. She can handle the situation for herself too, but it is always best not to get her involved in the argument too much. Also, it is a sign of chivalry that most partners will expect from their men.

3.     Talk About What Bothers You

Men even have a tendency to shut down their feelings when they get hurt. This is one of the hardest phases that most men battle within themselves. Your partner wants you to talk it out rather than repressing all of it. Nothing will get better if you keep your emotions to yourself. Silence can be the slow killer of happy relationships; so, it is important that you talk to your partner whenever you are perturbed at anything in life. Putting your emotions into words and letting it out will help you on a personal level and in your relationship.

Best Dating Sites for Flings

Having real conversations and winning one’s heart over with swashbuckling actions aren’t the thing anymore. Privacy wasn’t a criterion that people stuck to while looking for their partner for the day, and it is the same now too. But they have better options to swipe through the best choices, which may range from brown to blonde. Casual dating has become the trend so much so that it cannot be marginalized, and with every passing second, the number of people logging into such platforms is increasing. Real dating has been replaced over the past few years with this hookup culture, which has put the parents at a more cynical state.

However, youngsters have their needs and desires that need gratification. The world has united to put in a collective effort to make this culture a successful one so that it prevails for the longest time. Dating has travelled a long way now from the marriage-oriented concept to casual sex, which the world has craved for since the bang. Not everyone might be looking for relationships that last a lifetime; so, the digital space found ways to please every soul out there. The hookup apps were developed for this reason, and they have been fulfilling it to the dot.

Repression of these feelings will not do anyone any good; it is those wild nights that can bring peace to the raging libido. Plenty of factors might stop you from clicking on the button for an amazing night of amorous adventures, but since the whole world stands a guide for you through this, nothing would seem like a challenge.

Thinking about it a lot isn’t what you need now; it is the gratification that you have been seeking all your life that matters the most. So, the butterflies in your stomach are ready to give you a feast without tying you onto a single relationship for a long time. None of this is complicated anymore with the apps and sites to show you the naughty path to some fun nights. Here are some of the best dating sites for flings.

1.      AdultFriendFinder

If you are looking for a night of wonders and explorations, there is no better site to head to than AdultFriendFinder. Start with the free version that offers you enough choices to get your nights all sweaty. Private chat rooms, blogging, webzine, webcams, and e-mail can be used when you have a paid membership. Find a reason not to pay for that extra feature of pleasure in your short life.

Although AdultFriendFinder has a mobile dating app that functions well, it is much more complicated than the site. So, you should stick to the desktop version if you do not want the dawn to arrive without having had any action. Switch to the paid version when you want more fun coming your way.

Getting the one-year plan is best because it requires you to pay only $15 per month for the whole year. If you have plans for shorter adventures, you can also go for the one month or three months package. The attractive features of this site are its huge user base, interesting chemistry questionnaires, and LGBTQ friendly approach. AFF stands as a special hookup site with its dedicated features that have more eroticism in the day and age where young people even use Tinder to find casual sex.

With plenty of live video options, kinky groups, chat rooms, and snap-sharing features, AFF has acquired a position in the hearts of these people in need for gratification. One of the greatest benefits of using AFF over any other dating site is that it offers excellent matchmaking services without delay, meaning it gives you results promptly and has a support system that helps you find a match even at late hours.

2.      Ashley Madison

This Canadian dating service features a platform that is open to both singles and married people who are ready to indulge in a night of wild sex. Ashley Madison allows membership for people from around 53 countries that include the US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, Greece, New Zealand, India, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and many more.

Unlike in the other dating services, Ashley Madison requires the man to pay eight credits to initiate a conversation with a potential partner. All follow-up messages are free once the communication has started. If you are looking for an option that offers you an escape into the world of one-night stands, Ashley Madison can provide you with the best choices that come with added benefits of video chats and personal conversations with superlative detailing given to the sexual elements.

3.      Match

Tinder might seem like a place that isn’t bespoke for you, and age is a factor that makes most people feel this way. If many such facets are stopping you from having all the fun in the world, Match is the best option you have. Everyone who is looking for a mature place to express their undying urge, Match offers excellent features that are almost impossible to overlook for its brilliance.

Begin your dating sessions with the free version that is available both on Android and iOS. Delve into the platform to surf through the tons of options you have, and search for what is best for you.

Although Match is quite pricey, every penny you spend is paid off with those nights of action. Be patient with the survey questions that have been programmed to collect all your interests so that matchmaking becomes easier. Add your relationship expectations in your bio so that all potential partners can look into it before hooking up with you.

The whole situation is mostly under your control because no one is looking for extremely serious relationships on Match. But before you get into the night’s adventures, it is best to know what the other person is expecting from you. Get started with your wild nights that come with other benefits with the one-year paid version of $19.99 per month.


With so many lists and quizzes online, sometimes it’s hard to tell if what you’re reading is yet another list. I’ve got 10 ways to help you figure it out.
10.) Every point in the article is numbered.
9.) There are funny GIFs that try to relate to the point the article is making…
8.) …but some of them make no sense.
7.) It’s short and easy to read.
6.) The points you’re reading are getting funnier as they get closer to #1.
5.) You’re bored at work…
4.) …or you’re just avoiding doing something more important.
3.) You see the post posted on Facebook with comments like, “OMG SO TRUE” and “This is pretty much my life.”
2.) I mean, really, you still can’t tell?
1.) It’s a goddamn list, you can tell.
I hope this guide helped you. I know in this crazy viral world we’re all living in, you sometimes need 10 signs you graduated college, or 6 ways to know what kind of sandwich you are. It’s dark out there, and we’re all just clamoring for the light of a gif to show us 10 ways to get home.


I didn’t become Facebook friends with my boyfriend until four months after we had started dating. In that four months, we got to know each other, started a serious relationship, met each other’s friends and families, went on a trip, fought, made up and took lots of really great pictures. But none of it, not one bit of our relationship, lived online.

This social media abstinence was done intentionally. I entered this relationship knowing I wanted something more serious. And one of the common denominators that I saw affecting my past relationships was the messy layer that social media was adding. That misinformed perception that inherently comes along with judging someone based on a handful of pictures, on the slice of life they choose to share online, denies partners the intimacy and depth that comes with really getting to know each other. Getting to know all sides of each other’s lives, not just the bits and pieces displayed in a news feed.

There are plenty of ways to keep social media from playing third wheel in a relationship, but since most of us aren’t ready to go off the grid, here are some ways we can use it to our advantage.

Stalk and talk
I won’t lie and say I didn’t Internet stalk him after our first date. Of course I did. And I discovered all sorts of private information that I didn’t need to know yet. It’s difficult not to use the technology that’s sitting in our hands, and before I knew it my fingers were traipsing over the keyboard typing his name into the Google search bar.

For some reason, we are under the impression that we have the right to know everything about a person, immediately. But we forget the consequences of unearthing information that we aren’t ready for. It’s important to allow a relationship to progress naturally, to trust that our partner will share everything they need to share with us. This way we can keep from jumping to unnecessary conclusions. Let’s save that energy and just wait for the bombs to drop, because they usually aren’t as detrimental as we think they’ll be.

However, there’s always a chance that we will find out information about our partners from a third party. Be it overhearing a conversation, glancing at a text message or, as hard as we try to avoid it, stalking their Facebook page. But it doesn’t have to lead to distrust. In fact, it can offer a way to start the relationship on a solid foundation of open communication and honesty.

If we find out something about our partner that we don’t like or understand, we should ask them about it. Talk to them. It may be uncomfortable admitting to snooping, even if it was unintentional. But it’s more uncomfortable and far more detrimental to any relationship to overanalyze something to the point where the horrible version created in our head stands no chance against the truth.


Blast from the past
Part of a relationship is sharing where we’ve come from, who our friends are and what our lives have been like. One way to do this is by looking back through each other’s photo albums. And, that’s exactly what we did. Skimming through the events of the past few years, we shared with each other where we’ve been, who we were and why we decided on that particular haircut. Except, rather than a physical photo album, we shared digital photo albums saved forever on our Facebook pages. We showed our Facebook pages to each other.

It’s undeniable that Facebook is our modern day time capsule. It allows us to document the seemingly best parts of our lives and save them forever, to look back on with cringe and nostalgia at all the different times we posed with strangers and wore ill-fitting clothing.

But, rather than sitting hunched over a laptop scrolling through Facebook pictures blindly taking guesses at who each person is and what their relationship was, why not hear it from the source? We all have our share of compromising photos we’ve forgotten about. This gives us a chance to provide context to those photos that may warrant some explanation. Not only will it eliminate the confusion, but it will also serve as an opportunity to become closer and get to know each other better.


Pics or it didn’t happen
It’s hard to fight the urge to post our pictures online because we’re being made to believe if we don’t post a picture of us enjoying a moment, it never actually existed.

We have this compulsive need to share everything we’re doing so it’s clear what a great time we’re all having. And I am not immune to that compulsive need. I wanted to share my relationship, because it was new and exciting, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t making it all up! But I knew I wanted to keep it off the Internet. So instead, I would text pictures to my few close friends, the ones who would actually care about my happy boyfriend selfies and vacation pictures, and shared my relationship with them that way.

You see, sharing is important, especially when we all live so far away from each other. Eventually friends move across the country, sometimes across the world, and we’ve become accustomed to using social media to keep in touch. Which is perfectly fine. But there is an alternative to sharing those special and intimate moments with our close friends that doesn’t involve posting on a social media site. Starting a group text with close friends is a great way to stay in touch and update each other about what’s going on.

There’s also SnapChat, which allows us to share fleeting moments with select friends just for the sake of sharing. And if you’re like me, and have friends who were lucky enough to move to another country, there are apps like WhatsApp and Viber that allow us to stay in touch on a personal level without sharing posts to their news feeds.

Relationships don’t work by magic; they take effort. Healthy relationships must start with a strong foundation, open communication, understanding, and lots of love. In my experience, eliminating social media from that equation definitely has a part in keeping that foundation solid.

We don’t need to post a filtered picture and get likes on Instagram to make a moment real. We don’t need to impulsively adjust our Facebook statuses to feel like our relationships are “official.” It’s been made abundantly clear that social media has changed up the dating game. It’s about time we make our own rules for how we play it.


I know we’ve all heard it a million times – long distance relationships just don’t work. But, how do you know if you don’t try?! It may not be the most ideal situation, but it can work. And, here are ten silver linings to living an hour, a road trip or a plane ride away from the one you love.

1. You can live as organized or as sloppy as you want!
No two people are exactly alike so, whether you’re a neat freak or a hot mess, chances are your partner is used to doing things a different way. When there’s no one there to judge your ways, you can feel free to leave out your retainer, and those jeans you’ve worn 6 times without a wash, and that bra you’ve worn 20 times without a wash…Or, on the other hand, take time to organize those DVDs or couch cushions or spices…Either way, you can rest easy knowing it will stay the way you want it.

2. You have plenty of time to catch up with friends!
I know we’re all independent. But sometimes we can’t help but feel a guilty grabbing dinner with friends knowing our our loved one is back home eating a lonely dinner. Some people are better at balancing friend time/lover time than others so, for these people who fall victim to this, you can stop telling your BFF, “We totally need to get together soon,” and actually get together soon.

3. Shaving is no longer a priority!
Of course if you live in warm weather, and are going to be hitting the beach, you’re going to have to shave just as a member of society. But if it’s winter time, and you know you’ll be covered up, let that hair grow! No-shave showers are the fastest. And, when you know you’re going to be seeing your loverboy, you might even be long enough for a good wax.

4. You can keep up with your DVR!
There are so many shows you watch that he thinks are stupid. And, when your guy is around every night expecting to spend time with you, when are you supposed to catch up on those shows?! A long distance relationship allows plenty of free time to watch whatever Lifetime movie or reality show or night time drama you want in peace, without your guy rolling his eyes and judging your taste.

5. You’re more active when there’s no one around to veg out with.
When you live with, or close to your bf, you typically make time to spend with him everyday. Eventually you run out of the funds to do something fun and spectacular every night, so you start a routine of “staying in.” When there’s no one around to be lazy with you, you’re more likely to get bored of hanging in alone and you’ll be motivated to take up a hobby or do something productive.

6. Flirting is more OK when your honey is away.
You know you do it, just a little. And it’s OK. You’re at a bar with your friends and a cute guy looks your way, and you think to yourself, “Guess I still got it.” And, I’d argue that most guys suck, so flirting with someone else only makes you realize what a great catch you already have. Maybe you’ll even get a free drink out of it.

7. It’s a good excuse for both parties to travel.
When the opportunity arises, you’re going to want to trade those Skype calls for some real live action. Whether you visit each other, or meet somewhere in the middle, it gives each of you an opportunity to see other places of the world you may have always wanted to see, or you never thought you would.

8. You can share experiences from your side.
Everyone has a list of their favorite spots in their hometown. So when your babe visits you, you get to share these places with him. And, when you visit him, you get to experience all of his favorite things. Win/win.

9. You can start to grow your virginity back…
Well, not really, but you know how when you haven’t eaten a Dorito in so long, and then you grab a bag and that first bite tastes so good?! While not having that sexy itch scratched by your man for an extended period of time can definitely suck, it sucks less when you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And good things come to those who wait. (There’s a pun in there if you choose to see it.)

10. Missing someone makes you really “know”.
If you are one half of a long distance couple, you know you are solid if you:

Are not tempted by more convenient choices and remain faithful throughout.

Still look forward to those texts and phone calls and video chats.

Find yourself mailing packages or “I Miss You” cards.

Are planning for a future that involves a permanent union with the one you’ve been loving from afar…


I am a Christian who is weirded out by Christian Mingle.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Christian Mingle is a Christian dating site known for its audacious tagline, “Find God’s match for you.” In the last year, Christian Mingle has grown in notoriety thanks to an extensive marketing campaign. The ads are all over television—especially “Christian” programming like The History Channel’s The Bible–and the ads frequently appear on my Facebook sidebar as well (probably because I’m a Christian, though I am not single).

With its bold tagline and slightly awkward name, it’s no surprise that Christian Mingle has become a popular brunt of jokes. Occasionally trending on Twitter, the hashtag has appeared alongside snarky comments like,

It’s a good thing God licenses his romance database to #ChristianMingle.

I just saw a commercial for and I couldn’t help but think they should change it to

I wore my Christian shirt today and no one tried to mingle me #ChristianMingle

Just saw another #ChristianMingle commercial, “find God’s match for you” how did Christians meet before God invented the Internet?

Apparently alt-rock bands from the early-00s can find work writing background music for #ChristianMingle#probablycreed

Despite the mockery, Christian Mingle seems to be doing quite well. Not only does it have the financial resources to purchase some pretty prime ad spots, but they boast a database of 8 million registered users. Judging by the tweets I read, a number of those accounts were created as practical jokes, but still. As a business model, Christian Mingle is doing something right.

Christian Mingle is a business, after all. So why does it rub so many people the wrong way? Here’s a few ideas:

The tagline is outlandish. The first time I heard it, I think I laughed out loud. This dating site identifies itself as an instrument of God’s will, and promises a product it can’t reliably deliver, or even verify. Just because two registered users meet and fall in love, does that prove they are “God’s match” for one another?
The online ads are subtly sexual. In one ad that keeps popping up online, a blushing bride grins as the words “Single and Christian?” appear just below her face. Further below, one finds the tagline “Find God’s Match For You,” which just happens to appear right above her cleavage. That’s right. In an ever so subtle way, the ad’s text accentuates the woman’s chest. I’m hoping this was a graphic oversight, but every time I see it, I can’t help but think they are using sex as a marketing strategy.
The music. A lot of tweeters complained about the song that accompanies the commercials, but I happen to like it. The song was written by Christian music artists Jars of Clay, and it’s called “Love Song for a Savior.” What irks me is that the song was written about Jesus, not a girlfriend.
Now don’t get me wrong—I’m not against dating sites, or even Christian dating sites, for that matter. As more and more affinity dating sites pop up, this was inevitable. And it makes sense. For many people, faith isn’t simply a dating preference, like “Loves Will Ferrell movies” or “Must get along with dogs.” Faith has a real impact on lifestyle choices and raising a family. Given how profoundly faith shapes the lives of practicing Christians, Christian Mingle helpfully gathers like-minded singles.

In that sense, Christian Mingle is just like every other dating site. It’s had its success stories and its failures. I talked to friends who used the site and liked it, while others did not. I even heard from couples who met, fell in love, and got married through Christian Mingle. As these couples would affirm, God can use Christian Mingle, and sites like it, to connect Christian singles.

The problem I have is co-opting God as a marketing tool. From a business perspective it might be smart, but it also feels manipulative. Of course, that’s what advertisements do all the time. They play to our felt needs and insecurities in order to sell a product. Some ads are shamelessly manipulative. But when it’s an explicitly Christian business that wields the name of Christ to increase profits, that’s when it starts to feel really icky.

My advice to Christian singles looking to mingle? Go ahead and try Christian Mingle. I’m not here to start a boycott. But if you do, make sure your expectations are appropriate. Christian Mingle does not have a monopoly on God’s will anymore than any other dating site out there. God works in an infinite number of ways; Christian Mingle is only one of them.

But more importantly remember this: finding a mate on Christian Mingle is no more likely to guarantee marital success than any other site. Even among the most perfectly matched couples, marriage takes work. While single people certainly need God’s help through the confusing season of dating, married couples need it just as much in all the seasons that follow.


I am freaking out right now you guys.

Because, okay, wait? You mean since 1979 there has been a way to simply, cheaply and impermanently sterilize men with zero hormonal side effects? But it’s not available because of 1) misogyny and 2) big pharma can’t make money off of a simple process that cost $100 every ten years? Did you just tell me that, Internet?

Indeed, Internet did totally just tell me this. The drug is called Vasagel or RISUG.

The 30-year struggle (AHHHH) to bring Vasagel to market was first chronicled in this fascinating and detailed Wired piece (Warning: includes informative yet balls-tastic video.) that ran this time last year. And this week, there has been a growing buzz about Vasalgel after an article in TechCitement went viral because animal testing on the drug started in America in March. Yay. Currently, it’s in the last phase of clinical trials in India, where the drug was first invented, meaning it may be on the market (at least there) in two years.

It works like this. A doctor makes simple injection of Vasalgel into a man’s Vas Deferens. (Those are the little tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis, and also what are severed in a vasectomy.) The gel then coats the inside of the Vas Deferens, rendering all the sperm that pass through it infertile. The gel stays put for about ten years, unless a man wants a baby, and then it is flushed out with another simple injection of baking soda and water. Sperm is then fully viable again after two or three months.

The procedure lasts less than an hour, and the man leaves the doctor with a mere band-aid on his scrotum. He will feel a slight discomfort, swelling or soreness for the next day or so and that’s it. No hormonal side effects, nothing, and it’s 100% effective. According to Wired, “among the hundreds of men who have been successfully injected with the compound so far in clinical trials, there has not been a single failure or serious adverse reaction.”

Compare that to what women experience on the pill, from mood swings, to weight gain, to decreased sexual appetite, to amenorrhea… And of course, the pill’s efficacy is dependent on taking it everyday at exactly the same time, as well as picking it up and paying for it every month. Not to mention the glaring fact that the burden of contraception rests entirely in the hands of women, still. It takes two people to make a baby, people!

Think Vasagel sounds amazing?

Here’s the clinical trial/mailing list sign-up from the Parsemus Foundation (the non-profit sponsoring Vasagel’s American trial).
And the short will-not-spam-you petition to get the procedure funded and keep buzz going.
Also, another good piece on Vasagel in The Hairpin. Highlight: Some of the US funding from the drug comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who instead of funding clinical trials to get it approved in the US, funded trials to try to make the drug work in women. Again, AHHHH. AHHHH.