With so many lists and quizzes online, sometimes it’s hard to tell if what you’re reading is yet another list. I’ve got 10 ways to help you figure it out.
10.) Every point in the article is numbered.
9.) There are funny GIFs that try to relate to the point the article is making…
8.) …but some of them make no sense.
7.) It’s short and easy to read.
6.) The points you’re reading are getting funnier as they get closer to #1.
5.) You’re bored at work…
4.) …or you’re just avoiding doing something more important.
3.) You see the post posted on Facebook with comments like, “OMG SO TRUE” and “This is pretty much my life.”
2.) I mean, really, you still can’t tell?
1.) It’s a goddamn list, you can tell.
I hope this guide helped you. I know in this crazy viral world we’re all living in, you sometimes need 10 signs you graduated college, or 6 ways to know what kind of sandwich you are. It’s dark out there, and we’re all just clamoring for the light of a gif to show us 10 ways to get home.

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