I know we’ve all heard it a million times – long distance relationships just don’t work. But, how do you know if you don’t try?! It may not be the most ideal situation, but it can work. And, here are ten silver linings to living an hour, a road trip or a plane ride away from the one you love.

1. You can live as organized or as sloppy as you want!
No two people are exactly alike so, whether you’re a neat freak or a hot mess, chances are your partner is used to doing things a different way. When there’s no one there to judge your ways, you can feel free to leave out your retainer, and those jeans you’ve worn 6 times without a wash, and that bra you’ve worn 20 times without a wash…Or, on the other hand, take time to organize those DVDs or couch cushions or spices…Either way, you can rest easy knowing it will stay the way you want it.

2. You have plenty of time to catch up with friends!
I know we’re all independent. But sometimes we can’t help but feel a guilty grabbing dinner with friends knowing our our loved one is back home eating a lonely dinner. Some people are better at balancing friend time/lover time than others so, for these people who fall victim to this, you can stop telling your BFF, “We totally need to get together soon,” and actually get together soon.

3. Shaving is no longer a priority!
Of course if you live in warm weather, and are going to be hitting the beach, you’re going to have to shave just as a member of society. But if it’s winter time, and you know you’ll be covered up, let that hair grow! No-shave showers are the fastest. And, when you know you’re going to be seeing your loverboy, you might even be long enough for a good wax.

4. You can keep up with your DVR!
There are so many shows you watch that he thinks are stupid. And, when your guy is around every night expecting to spend time with you, when are you supposed to catch up on those shows?! A long distance relationship allows plenty of free time to watch whatever Lifetime movie or reality show or night time drama you want in peace, without your guy rolling his eyes and judging your taste.

5. You’re more active when there’s no one around to veg out with.
When you live with, or close to your bf, you typically make time to spend with him everyday. Eventually you run out of the funds to do something fun and spectacular every night, so you start a routine of “staying in.” When there’s no one around to be lazy with you, you’re more likely to get bored of hanging in alone and you’ll be motivated to take up a hobby or do something productive.

6. Flirting is more OK when your honey is away.
You know you do it, just a little. And it’s OK. You’re at a bar with your friends and a cute guy looks your way, and you think to yourself, “Guess I still got it.” And, I’d argue that most guys suck, so flirting with someone else only makes you realize what a great catch you already have. Maybe you’ll even get a free drink out of it.

7. It’s a good excuse for both parties to travel.
When the opportunity arises, you’re going to want to trade those Skype calls for some real live action. Whether you visit each other, or meet somewhere in the middle, it gives each of you an opportunity to see other places of the world you may have always wanted to see, or you never thought you would.

8. You can share experiences from your side.
Everyone has a list of their favorite spots in their hometown. So when your babe visits you, you get to share these places with him. And, when you visit him, you get to experience all of his favorite things. Win/win.

9. You can start to grow your virginity back…
Well, not really, but you know how when you haven’t eaten a Dorito in so long, and then you grab a bag and that first bite tastes so good?! While not having that sexy itch scratched by your man for an extended period of time can definitely suck, it sucks less when you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And good things come to those who wait. (There’s a pun in there if you choose to see it.)

10. Missing someone makes you really “know”.
If you are one half of a long distance couple, you know you are solid if you:

Are not tempted by more convenient choices and remain faithful throughout.

Still look forward to those texts and phone calls and video chats.

Find yourself mailing packages or “I Miss You” cards.

Are planning for a future that involves a permanent union with the one you’ve been loving from afar…

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